Your Room

Adjusting to Your Hospital Room at Wayne UNC Health Care

If you’re going to be a patient at Wayne UNC Health Care, we hope to make you feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. We know that procedures can often cause stress, which is why we offer well-equipped, modern hospital rooms in Goldsboro, NC to help our patients relax and recover quickly.

Our patient rooms come with several free television channels and free local phone service. In addition, mail, flowers and gifts are delivered daily, except on Sundays. Read through the topics below to gain general information about your room and amenities at Wayne UNC Health Care.

Our Hospital Wi-Fi

Wayne UNC Health Care offers free wireless Internet access for patients and visitors. Simply bring up the list of available networks detected by your laptop and select waynecia for access. This is a separate Wi-Fi network dedicated to guest users, which preserves internal security and ensures that no confidential information is accessible.

Bedside Phones

Except in special care units, there are bedside phones in all patient rooms. A patient’s room number corresponds to the phone number. To reach a patient room directly, dial 919.580.1 + room number.

Patients may call out from their room 24 hours a day. Dial 8 or 9 for an outside line. However, from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., incoming patient calls are switched to the hospital operator. Emergency calls are forwarded to the nurses’ station during these hours. All local calls are free. Long-distance calls must be collect, charged to a home phone number or a credit card.

Cell Phones

Cell phones may interfere with medical equipment, such as heart monitors, IV pumps and ventilators, and are not permitted within three feet of patient-care equipment. We ask that your visitors please cooperate with Hospital staff if asked to turn a cell phone off. They may be directed to a location less sensitive to medical equipment if necessary.

If you would like to learn more or ask other questions about our Hospital rooms in Goldsboro, feel free to call 919.736.1110 or contact us online.

Wayne UNC is proud to offer a wide range of advanced medical services, as well as comfortable hospital rooms and amenities, to patients in Goldsboro. We also welcome patients from Clinton, Greenville, Kinston, LaGrange, Mount Olive, Princeton, Rocky Mount, Smithfield and Wilson, NC.