Payment Policy

In an effort to provide all parties who receive service at Wayne Memorial Hospital fair and impartial payment terms.

UPON RECEIPT OF A NOTICE showing your balance due, you are expected to make payment within the timeframe specified according to the terms below. If
your budget requires payments, it is necessary you contact Patient Financial Services at 919.731.6112 to establish these terms. All accounts 60 days past
due will be placed in collections.

Balance & Terms of Payment
$100 or less  –  Payment in full within 30 days
$101 to $500  –  Three Months
$501 to $1,000   –  Six Months
$1,001 to $5,000   –  Twelve Months
$5,001 to $10,000   –  Twenty-four Months
$10,001 or more  –   Thirty-six Months

A payment of the scheduled amount must be made by the established due date each month in order for the account to be considered current. Other payment plans or options may be available upon completion of a Financial Declarations or Wayne Medical Assistance Application

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