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Wayne UNC Health Care: Expertise in Cardiology

Our experienced team of cardiologists and nurses at Wayne UNC Health Care are dedicated to keeping your heart healthy. With this in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of leading-edge cardiac services across Wayne County.


Our heart and vascular care in Goldsboro, NC includes:

  • Diagnostic & Interventional Cardiac Catheterization
  • Intra-aortic Balloon Application
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Treatment
  • Treatment for Heart Attack, Congestive Heart Failure & Additional Cardiac & Vascular Problems
  • Nuclear Stress Testing
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs
  • Mended Hearts Support Group

Our staff is not only highly trained in the field of cardiology, but they’re also passionate about putting your patient care and health above all else.

Heart & Vascular Diagnosis & Prevention in Goldsboro, NC

At Wayne UNC, we are proud to utilize diagnostic cardiac catheterizations to help your doctor determine if there are any blockages in your heart. For this procedure, the cardiologist will insert a thin tube called a catheter into the arteries that feed blood to the heart. If a blockage is found, doctors can then perform a procedure to open the blockage.

Wayne UNC Health Care offers expanded cardiac capabilities through interventional cardiac catheterization, also known as percutaneous coronary intervention, angioplasty and stenting. During our Goldsboro angioplasty procedure, the cardiologist will inflate a tiny balloon through the catheter, widening the artery where plaque has narrowed it. The cardiologist may then insert a thin wire mesh, called a stent, into the artery to help prop it open and keep blood flowing to the heart.

Through a collaborative effort with North Carolina Heart and Vascular, patients can undergo interventional procedures without having to be transferred to another hospital. Our Wayne County cardiologists are also available on site to conduct procedures that, until recently, had to be performed at another hospital. With these expanded offerings, patients from Wilson to Rocky Mount now have access to many of the same offerings in heart care without having to travel far from home.

Learn More About Our Heart & Vascular Care

Interested in learning more about our approach to heart and vascular care in Goldsboro and beyond in NC? Give us a call at 919.736.1110 or contact us online to for more information. We look forward to offering you the highest quality cardiac care in the area.

For more than 100 years, Wayne UNC Health Care has served the Wayne County community with advanced medical services, including an expertise in cardiology, in Goldsboro, NC. We are proud to also treat patients from Clinton, Greenville, Kinston, LaGrange, Mount Olive, Princeton, Rocky Mount, Smithfield and Wilson.

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