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William’s Story


Back from the Brink: A Love Story Continues

After 34 years of marriage, Lynn Britt still refers to her husband, William, as her best friend and the love of her life. But she almost lost the active father of her children in the summer of 2008.

The Britts were enjoying a beach vacation when William went home to check on the family farm. “When he didn’t return as scheduled, I got a neighbor to stop by the house. He found William on the floor, breathing but not responsive,” Lynn says. The day before, the couple had ridden a motorcycle along the coast; now Lynn feared for her husband’s life.

On arrival at Wayne Memorial Hospital, Lynn learned that William had suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke and would not survive the night without immediate surgery. The man who had been her rock since 10th grade now lay at death’s door. But he wasn’t alone.

With skill and compassion, a neurosurgeon at Wayne Memorial Hospital performed an emergency brain surgery that saved William’s life. William then spent 26 days in ICU, followed by months of physical therapy.

“Everyone at the Hospital was wonderful,” Lynn says. “William, although weak on his left side, is now walking and talking. Thanks to the doctor’s decisive action, I still have my soul mate by my side.”

A great healthcare experience. A lifelong connection to Wayne Memorial Hospital.