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Taylor’s Story


Saving Taylor: A Mother’s Struggle

Like all mothers, Cindy Mason watched with pride as her daughter learned to sit, crawl and speak her first few words. But when little Taylor had not taken a step by 18 months, Cindy felt a sense of dread. As a medical professional at Wayne Memorial Hospital, she knew something was badly wrong.

Taylor’s pediatrician immediately scheduled the toddler for an MRI at Wayne Memorial Hospital. Cindy watched with growing anxiety as a co-worker prepared Taylor for the scan that confirmed Cindy’s worst fears: a growth in Taylor’s brain.

Engulfed in darkness but strengthened by the support of everyone at the Hospital, the family rallied to wage the battle of their lives. Taylor was referred to a pediatric specialist that same day and further tests revealed that she had a malignant tumor entwined with her brain stem.

Surgery was impossible and time of the essence. Cindy began to wonder if she might have to face life without her daughter.

After two years of aggressive chemo and transfusions, Taylor visited Wayne Memorial Hospital weekly, where doctors kept a watchful eye on her blood count and tracked her progress as she grew stronger.

She’s now a healthy 12-year-old who cheers for Wayne Christian.

“The lifesaving MRI and attention Taylor received at Wayne Memorial Hospital were exceptional,” Cindy says. “It means so much to work at a place you’re truly proud of.”

A great healthcare experience. A lifelong connection to Wayne Memorial Hospital.