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Ron's Story

Working For The Hospital That Saved His Life. Twice.

One man’s story of unwavering pride and dedication.

Family member, patient, employee. One man, three different perspectives, and one steadfast opinion – the people at Wayne Memorial Hospital really care.

Ron is now a supervisor in the Food/Nutrition Department at
Wayne Memorial Hospital, but his lifelong connection to the Hospital began long before.

“I’ve lived in Goldsboro my whole life. My father was a retired military man, and I come from a family with a history of heart disease,” he said.

Ron has seen firsthand the kind of treatment Wayne Memorial Hospital provides, just by watching his father receive care throughout his life. And, in 2002, Ron found himself at Wayne Memorial Hospital, this time as a patient. He was having a heart attack.

Surprisingly, Ron doesn’t tell of the pain or agony of having a heart attack; he speaks more about the responsiveness of the staff and the compassion they extended.

“If there’s a good side to having a heart attack, then my experience at
Wayne Memorial Hospital was it. I received unbelievable care I’ll never forget.”

And he didn’t. A few years ago, Ron found himself in need of a job. Remembering how wonderful the staff was at Wayne Memorial Hospital, he applied for a part-time position. With extensive experience in the restaurant industry, he was quickly hired in the Food/Nutrition Department. “The best decision I ever made! Great environment, great people, and smiles every day.”

Unfortunately, Ron had one more opportunity to experience the capable care he’d come to know and trust. Shortly after joining the Hospital staff, Ron experienced another cardiac episode. Feeling chest pain while on duty, he went to see the staff in the Employee Health Department.

“They promptly took me to the Emergency Department, where the staff immediately went into action. They did EKGs and other tests. I didn’t get this attention because I worked there, but because I needed help. They called my wife and were so kind to her. They honestly treated us like their own. But, they do that for everyone.”

Ron’s perspective is unique. He’s been on the sidelines looking in, he’s been the patient, and now he’s an employee of the Hospital. When asked about his connection to the Hospital, he responded with this: “I’ll have a lifetime connection with Wayne Memorial Hospital, not just because I work there, but because they made my life better.”

At Wayne Memorial Hospital, it’s about lifelong connections. It’s about living well.

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