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Richard's Story

A New Voice: A Magic Moment

Imagine not being able to hear your husband’s voice for more than a year. Not hearing him say, “Good morning.” “Are you okay?” “I love you” …even though he’s right beside you. That’s what happened to Ida Adams.

Ida first met her husband, Richard, in a college choir in 1962. The couple married and raised four children, while Richard enjoyed a successful career as a military officer, singing in chapel choirs from base to base.

But the music stopped in 2007, when Richard suffered a massive stroke that left him speechless. After undergoing therapy at another facility with no results, Richard began speech therapy at Wayne Memorial Hospital.

“When Richard’s therapists learned that he loved crossword puzzles and music, they used Scrabble and singing to encourage his recovery,” Ida says. Patiently, using songs Richard knew, they worked one-on-one with him until he began to speak.

“The first time I heard Richard’s voice again, he was singing His Name Is Wonderful, a hymn we both love. It was a truly magical moment,” Ida says. “The speech therapy Richard received was excellent. We can communicate again, and we both have nothing but wonderful things to say about
Wayne Memorial Hospital.”

A great healthcare experience.
A lifelong connection to Wayne Memorial Hospital.

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