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Dr. Akhtar – Heart Attack and Heart Failure

Learn what makes a heart attack so very different from heart failure.

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  • Dr. Akhtar – Heart Attack and Heart Failure
  • Dr. J. David Cunningham – Stop the Sneezing
  • Dr. Dimitrios Lintzeris – Limb Loss Awareness Month
  • Wally Vaughn – The Benefits of Speech Therapy
  • Dr. Robert Ottaviani – Prepping Your Child for Sports
  • Tara McLamb, NP-C – Colorectal Cancer in Women
  • Dr. Stewart Futch – Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
  • Crystal Stroud, RN – WMH Emergency Room
  • Dr. Suneya Hogarty – Symptoms of Arthritis
  • Dr. Gregory Nichols – da Vinci Hysterectomy
  • David Hogarty, D.O. – Physical Medicine
  • Kristine Oakley, R.N. – WeHeartYou
  • Sembua Danieli, M.D. - What is a Hospitalist?
  • Dr. Hector Pedraza – Giving Back
  • Dr. Sakeitha Crowder – Aging with Grace
  • Dr. Dimitrios Lintzeris – Foot Wounds that Won't Heal
  • Lindsey Folds, Exercise Therapist at Wayne Memorial Hospital
  • Gethney Hill, Women's Services at Wayne Memorial Hospital
  • Johnny Williams, RPSGT/REEGT – Sleep Apnea
  • Dr. Robert Albrecht – Vascular & Vein Services
  • Ashley Strickland, Dietitian – Healthy Holiday Eating
  • Dr. John Welsh – Another Hospital Honor
  • Dr. David Tayloe - GoWayneGo
  • Shirley Harkey, Vice President of Patient Services – The Great 100
  • Catherine Cabungcal, MD, 5 Things to Improve Your Health
  • Dr. Mark LaFave – Prostate Cancer Awareness
  • Robin Peaccock – Life After Joint Replacement
  • Dr. Greg Bauer – Advancements in Shoulder Surgery
  • I-Wen Chang, MD – 20 Minutes That Could Save Your Life
  • Leon Stockton, MD - Diagnosed with Cancer – What Now?
  • Kristine Oakley - Importance of Breastfeeding
  • Randy Swackhammer, MD – Choosing a Primary Care Physician
  • Joel Schneider, MD – Interventional Cardiology
  • Ben Eskra, MD – Cool Sculpting
  • Benefit of Childbirth Classes - Jackie Williams, RN, BS
  • Women and Heart Disease - Matthew Hook, M.D. FACC
  • New Medical Office Building - Tom Bradshaw
  • Pacemakers – Dr. J.D. Gupta
  • Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Health - Shelby Ostendorf
  • Diabetes Management - Dr. Alfred Okeke
  • Patient-focused Surgery Center - Janice Maddox
  • Heart Attack vs. Heart Failure - Waheed Akhtar, MD
  • Life After a Heart Attack - Donna Peedin, BSN, RN, BC
  • Breast Augmentation - Emily Jackson-Rouse, RN
  • Relay for Life - Ashley Couch
  • Stop the Sneezing - J. David Cunningham, MD
  • Paint your Plate - Kirstin Taylor
  • Chaplin Services - Rev. Colin Monroe
  • Heart Stent Replacement Now Available - Malcolm Hinton & Betty Wood
  • Limb Loss Awareness Month - Dimitrios Lintzeris, DO

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