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Preventing Illness with Hand Sanitizer at Wayne UNC Health Care

It’s that time of year again! Did you know that one routine act can have a tremendous impact on the spread of flu and other germs in the workplace? The simple but effective tactic is keeping your hands clean. This cold and flu season, Wayne UNC Health Care is proud to now offer even more hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hospital in areas that are more accessible to visitors!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, up to 80% of germs that cause illnesses are spread by hands. Clean hands reduce the risk for colds and other respiratory illnesses by 21 percent, and the number of people who get sick by 31 percent. Hand sanitizer is one of the best tools available to avoid getting sick and spreading germs because of the efficacy of alcohol-based hand sanitizers in rapidly reducing illness-causing bacteria on hands.

Angie Hill, manager in Infection Control, said, “We are dedicated to providing optimal care to our patients at Wayne UNC Health. With this goal in mind, our facility wanted to provide additional hand sanitizers throughout our hospital to help make the practice of hand hygiene more easily accessible for staff, visitors, and patients.  We always strive to continue to reduce the spread of germs and infections in our facility. Providing additional hand sanitizer dispensers reflects that hand hygiene is most important to our facility.”