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Marie’s Story


The Stories You’ve Heard About Painful Hysterectomies Are True.

They’re also decades old.

I was not only terrified about the cancer, I was very worried about the pain. I’m a recovering alcoholic and reluctant to take any narcotics. Friends had said that after their hysterectomy, they needed pain medication for 2-3 weeks. That scared me.”

Marie knew that ovarian cancer ran in her family, and after the birth of her first child, a cyst was discovered on one of her ovaries. As the cyst was thought to be harmless, Marie opted not to have it removed. Just 20 years old and eager to have more children, she’d heard most cysts go away and would hope for the best.

The next 24 years brought a compelling mix of both joy and suffering to the home. Marie got her wish for three more children, but saw her personal quality of life deteriorate. Unwittingly, Marie found herself adjusting all her activities and daily life around the increasingly painful symptoms of a growing ovarian cyst.

It was through an ultrasound exam in 2009 that Marie finally learned the cyst had not gone away. In fact, her uterus was now dramatically tilted and her left ovary three times the normal size. With every right to be scared, Marie knew she could face the long, painful recovery of a full hysterectomy, and worse, a 50% chance of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Her physician recommended the hysterectomy be performed using the daVinci Surgical System at Wayne Memorial Hospital. It took only one appointment for Marie to feel completely at ease with both her new physician and his recommendation for a full hysterectomy.

As for her recovery, Marie was home the very next day and up and out the front door for her morning walk just three days later.

This certainly isn’t your mother’s hysterectomy any more! With daVinci surgery, I was never in any pain. That’s amazing to me.”

Whether she’s chaperoning teens on church trips or volunteering at the Center on Aging, this vibrant, beautiful mother of four says she’ll always feel connected to everyone at Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Every one of them treated me like a member of their own family who was in for surgery. I’ll never forget their care and kindness.”