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James’ Story

James Sauls

From The Wound Care Center, to Center Stage

A few weeks after joining the gospel quartet Legacy, singer James Sauls’ foot started to bother him. Within hours, it had swollen to three times its normal size and had developed an ulcer. His doctors said they might have to amputate.

The Sweet Sound of Success

In an effort to save his foot, James first had surgery to repair the abscess. He then underwent an advanced water-laser cleaning treatment. Finally, he spent many afternoons in hyperbaric oxygen therapy at The Wound Care Center at Wayne Memorial Hospital.

And even though James’ therapists said his foot was among the worst cases they’d ever seen, he’s now completely healed. He’s completely happy. And he’s back singing on center stage.

The Wound Care Center at Wayne Memorial Hospital

Sometimes, either because of diabetes complications, peripheral artery disease or other conditions, what would otherwise be a simple cut or infection just won’t heal on its own.

That’s when The Wound Care Center can help.

A Whole-body Approach to Healing

The Wound Care Center at Wayne Memorial Hospital is a physician-run program that helps heal wounds by addressing the underlying health conditions that cause them. The Center’s integrated treatment includes everything from education and lifestyle changes to advanced water-laser cleansing and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The Wound Care Center is the only place in Wayne County to offer treatment using hyperbaric oxygen chambers, a 100% oxygen environment. These ideal conditions help wounds heal from both inside and out.

Speed Saves

If you have a sore or wound that won’t heal – especially if you’re diabetic – don’t wait! Call The Wound Care Center at Wayne Memorial Hospital: 919.731.6139.

Early treatment is key to saving limbs.