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Cari’s Story

Cosmetic surgery was the spark that fired up her healthy family.

A young mother, tech professional and wellness enthusiast, Cari Daniels was overjoyed at the arrival of her second child. What she wasn’t so thrilled about was all of the extra baby weight she put on during her pregnancy. While working out helped her lose her baby weight, it couldn’t give her back her pre-baby figure. She shuddered to wear her gym outfits. And she hid on a treadmill in the corner whenever she was exercising.

Frustrated, but not defeated, she reached out to Dr. Ben Eskra at Eskra Plastic Surgery. He recommended she have a tummy tuck, so she decided to go for it.

Her Surgery

On November 4, 2011, board-certified plastic surgeon Ben Eskra and the dedicated surgical team at Wayne Memorial Hospital performed Cari’s abdominoplasty (a tummy tuck).

Dr. Eskra employed some of today’s most advanced surgical techniques and technologies to carefully sculpt Cari’s tummy. He surgically repaired her abdominal muscles, and fixed the damage caused by her two pregnancies.

The difference was immediate. Shortly after surgery, both her pre-baby figure – and her confidence – returned.

Her Healthy Habits Head Home

Cari’s new figure fueled her interest in healthy eating and exercise. She began preparing leaner, greener meals for her family and even started working out with weights. Her enthusiasm caught on.

She soon noticed that her whole family was reaching for veggies instead of chips. Even her kids were getting into the act, mimicking her moves as she worked out at home.

Be a Mom in Motion!

You can learn to help your family live a healthier lifestyle, just like Cari did.

Talk to your doctor about small changes you can make in your family’s everyday habits. Become an active, healthy role model for your children. And, always set a good example.

If you’d like a few ideas to help you get started, check out the articles, recipes and classes in this section of our website. You also can follow Cari on Facebook!

If you’d like to learn more about plastic surgery, and if it might be right for you, contact Eskra Plastic Surgery at 919.587.4400.