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A World Class Team of Surgeons


Right Here In Wayne County

It’s normal for you to feel nervous when you need surgery. You might wonder if the best doctors can only be found at large, faraway hospitals.

Fortunately, Wayne County residents don’t have to leave home. World-class expertise is available right here in Goldsboro. With over 40 years of combined experience, the members of Wayne Health Surgical Associates General Surgery Team – Dr. Gilbert Garcia, Dr. Leon Stockton and Dr. Christopher Clark – have the skill set to match services found at almost any regional hospital.

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“We do the best to take care of our own,” explains Dr. Stockton. “It’s important to us as a community hospital that we don’t have to refer anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary. Nine out of ten times we can take care of patients here, and we’re very proud of that fact.”

Wayne Health Surgical Associates, an affiliate of Wayne Health Physicians, can perform routine operations such as gallbladder surgery, colonoscopies and laparoscopic procedures, but the team also possesses a wealth of experience in abdominal, breast, thyroid, and hernia surgeries for both adult and pediatric patients. According to Dr. Stockton and Dr. Garcia, their specialization requires “a little knowledge about a lot of things,” and a large time commitment.

In fact, each surgeon performs more than 1,000 procedures every year.

“We want people to remember that we’re here to help them with anything from minor lesions to more radical surgery. We can assure patients that any additional services they need are right here; they probably won’t have to leave town for a thing.” – Dr. Gilbert Garcia

“When I first came here, I did not believe a general surgeon in a town like Goldsboro could be this busy,” says Dr. Stockton, “but I think those numbers and the longevity and stability of the practice says a lot about the quality of the service we provide here in the community.”

The doctors agree that Wayne Health Surgical Associates and Wayne Memorial Hospital are great places to work. Says Dr. Stockton, “There are so many people who are appreciative, and when they say thanks, it means a lot to us.”

To learn more about Wayne Health Surgical Associates, or to schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons, please call 919.734.1141