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2018 Community Health Needs Assessment

Complete the survey in English by clicking here.

Complete the survey in Spanish by clicking here.

The health of Wayne County is in your hands.

Wayne County Health Department and Wayne UNC Health Care would like to invite you to participate in the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Survey.

This survey is conducted every three years to help us understand key problems that affect our health and also assesses the strengths of our community. In this process, your opinion and input are important and we want your voice to be heard.

Please help the community that you live, work and/or play in, by completing this completely anonymous survey. In addition, please consider sharing the link to the survey with your social networks, family, friends, neighbors, church members, civic groups, etc. Our goal is to collect a large number of responses, which represent the diversity of our community.

Please use the links above to start the survey in English or Spanish and kindly forward this message to your listerve(s) so that we are able to get a well-rounded response. The final deadline for responses is June 30, 2018, so please don’t hesitate!