WISH – Wayne Initiative for School Health

Partnering with Our Schools

Wayne Memorial Hospital works in partnership with our county schools in two
ways. The first is through our Wayne Initiative for School Health (WISH) program, which operates health centers in select middle and high schools. The second outreach program, called School Nurses, makes on-site nurses available in elementary, middle, and public schools throughout the county.

WISH – Impressive Results

The WISH wellness outreach program brings results. Because of the WISH comprehensive health program, we’ve seen an impressive decrease in pregnancy and absentee rates in schools where there is a WISH clinic. Eighty nine percent of the student population participates in the WISH Program. All six WISH Centers are credentialed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.
This award-winning program succeeds because it is a high priority for Wayne Memorial Hospital and its partnering organizations.

WISH Partners

  • Wayne Memorial Hospital
  • Wayne County Schools
  • Wayne County Health Department
  • Goldsboro Pediatrics
  • Eastpointe Mental Health
  • Communities in Schools
  • Wayne Department of Social Services
  • Wayne County Commissioners
  • Goldsboro City Council

School Nurses – Keeping Kids in School

This skilled group of nurses makes a big difference in the lives of our youth. They not only help them stay healthy, they help reduce absenteeism and keep kids in school. Today these Wayne Memorial Hospital nurses provide care in over 30 of our local schools, and despite over 17,000 visits a year to the school nurse, 80 percent of those students remain in school because of this intervention.

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