Dr. Okeke on Diabetes

I heard a TV doctor refer to a condition called “Diabesity”. What is this? Is it something new? – Roxanna, Mt. Olive

Yes and no. The term “Diabesity” has been around for a few years, describing the link between obesity and diabetes.

We’ve discovered that when we help people overcome their obesity, they often overcome their diabetes as well. By tackling both challenges at the same time, we can fight “diabesity”.

This is especially important for our children. When we help them get their body weight under control, we lower their diabetes risk. This, in turn, can help them
avoid larger, potentially life-threatening conditions as adults.

My husband complains of being tired all the time and seems like he’s always thirsty. Could he have diabetes? – Anna, Goldsboro

It’s possible, Anna. You certainly should have your husband see his doctor for a diabetes screening.

Diabetes often goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms, such as extreme thirst, exhaustion and irritability, seem relatively harmless. In fact, experts estimate that up to a third of those with diabetes don’t realize they have it.

This is particularly dangerous because early detection is key in helping to prevent diabetes-related kidney damage, nerve damage and heart disease.

Dr. Alfred Okeke is a board-certified endocrinologist and diabetes specialist with Wayne Health Medical Clinic in Goldsboro.