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Children under 12 may NOT VISIT inpatient areas or.....

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Bruno, Anthony – MD Orthopedics Placeholder Person Jenkins, Alma – MD Gastroenterology Placeholder Person Holcomb, Deborah – DO Hospitalist Placeholder Person Panbehi, Bahram – MD Psychiatry Placeholder Person Siddiqi, Zeeba – MD Hospitalist Placeholder Person Landa, Israel – MD Emergency Medicine Placeholder Person Metts, Jobe – MD Urology Placeholder Person Quyyum, Imran – MD Hospitalist Placeholder Person Thiyagarajan, Thanigaiarsu – MD Hospitalist Placeholder Person Ikeme, Arinze – MD Hospitalist Peterson, Donald – MD Urology Apple, Bryan – MD Anesthesiology Brahmbhatt, Bharat – MD Family Medicine Patel, Ekta – MD Internal Medicine Placeholder Person Chadwick, Jane – DDS Dentistry (Department of Surgery) Taylor, Brittany – DO Family Medicine Omer, Diab – MD Hospitalist Williamson, Jennifer – MD Ophthalmology Remington, David – MD General Surgery Kim, Joon Dong – MD Hospitalist Sally, Angela – DO Hospitalist Sullivan, James – MD Hospitalist Placeholder Person Zaman, Bulland – MD Hospitalist Imafidon, Timothy – DDS Dentistry Placeholder Person Medlery, Veeresh – MD Family Medicine Chesnutt, David – MD Ophthalmology Pasi, Mohit – MD Cardiology Newman, William – MD Cardiology Farooqui, Mohammed – MD Cardiology Roundtree, Vontrelle – MD Family Medicine Swackhammer, Randy – MD Internal Medicine Sloan, Timothy – MD Radiology Placeholder Person D’Angelo, Elizabeth – MD Radiology Flye, Christopher – MD Radiology Cortez, Ricardo – MD Neurosurgery Vaselich, Samuel – DO Anesthesiology Baird, D. Bruce – MD Pathology Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Cytopathology Chandrasekaran, Geetha – MD Psychiatry Giraud, Jodel – MD Hospitalist Stup, Elisabeth Heiser – MD Pediatrics Stup, Brian – MD Pediatrics Placeholder Person Cooper, Kareem – MD Hospitalist Mohammed, Aminu – MD Hospitalist Pratt, Ian Scott – MD Anesthesiology Markham, Dean – MD Infectious Disease Johnson, Jr., Leonard – MD Hospitalist Samuels, Victoria – MD Neurosurgery Wu, Willis – MD Cardiology Segletes, Lori – MD Pathology Albrecht, Robert – MD Vascular Surgery Hogarty, David – DO Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Fadul, Nada – MD Infectious Disease Long, Ronald – MD Pain Management Cook, Paul – MD Infectious Disease Hodach, Christian – DO Anesthesiology Rose, Gregory – MD Cardiology Zwerling, Charles – MD Ophthalmology Ziemer, Carey – MD Pediatrics Zara, Leonardo – MD Internal Medicine Yeh, Siegfried – MD Pediatrics Willman, Paul – DO Radiology Willis, Kimberly – MD Hospitalist Whitley, Daniel – MD Otolaryngology Whitmire, Lelan – MD Radiology West, Thaddeus – MD Internal Medicine Welsh, John – MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Thiele, Robert – DO Obstetrics/Gynecology Teasley, Barry – MD Ophthalmology Tayloe, David – MD Pediatrics Talton, Kevin – MD Family Medicine Tabe, Wilson – MD Family Medicine Addictions Steffee, Craig – MD Pathology Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Cytopathology Placeholder Person Stackhouse, W. James – MD Internal Medicine Soltis, Craig – MD Emergency Medicine Stockton, Leon – MD General Surgery Spencer, Stephen – DO Emergency Medicine Smith, Lloyd – MD Emergency Medicine Smith, Deborah – DDS Dentistry Siddique, Sufia – MD Family Medicine Shreenath, Ajay – MD Nephrology Schneider, Joel – MD Cardiology Roethling, Peter – MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Ponzi, Joseph – MD Pediatrics Poole, Daniel – MD Neurology Poolla, Anuradha – MD Hospitalist Pedraza, Hector – MD Orthopedics Placeholder Person Pate, Chris – MD Family Medicine Obesity Ottaviani, Robert – MD Orthopedics Okeke, Alfred – MD Endocrinology Internal Medicine Nowachek, Glen – MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Nickens, Larry – MD Pediatrics Nichols, Gregory – DO Obstetrics/Gynecology Munro, Brian – MD Radiology Moye, Steven – MD Emergency Medicine Moye, Phillip – MD Emergency Medicine Motaparthy, V.C. – MD Gastroenterology Metcalf, Gregory – MD Hospitalist McClure, Frances – DDS Dentistry McCaskill, Clement L. – MD Family Medicine Mayo, Philip – MD Critical Care Sleep Medicine Pulmonology Massey, Clinton – MD Neurosurgery Malekpour, Bahman – MD Psychiatry MacDonald, Katherine – MD Pediatrics Lutcavage, Gregory – DDS Oral & Maxillofacial Lintzeris, Dimitrios – DO Wound Healing Lies, Stephen – MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Larson, Michele – MD Pediatrics LaFave, Mark – MD Urology Kornegay, Jr., Hervy – MD Emergency Medicine Knutson, Thomas – MD Emergency Medicine Kerlin, Kevin – MD Radiation Oncology Kaggere, Thejaswini – MD Nephrology Kemp, David – MD Nephrology Kasbari, Samer – MD Oncology Kadir, Humayun – MD Family Medicine Geriatrics Jones, Kirk – MD Emergency Medicine Johnson, Michael – MD Otolaryngology Sleep Medicine Jimenez, Shannon – DO Family Medicine Hoover, Jennifer – MD Pediatrics Jennings, John – MD Dermatology Jacob, Gregorio – MD Internal Medicine Hughes, Richard – MD Urology Horton, Teague – MD Pediatrics Hook, Matthew A. – MD Cardiology Hogarty, Suneya – DO Rheumatology Hawkins, Sherman – MD Urology Haddad, Michel – MD Pathology Gupta, Jagmohan – MD Cardiology Gupta, Gool – MD Pulmonology Griffin, Christopher – MD Pediatrics Grant, Terry – MD Emergency Medicine Goheen, Barbara – MD Otolaryngology Godwin, Meredith – MD Psychiatry Geer, Bryon – DO Emergency Medicine Garcia, Gilbert – MD General Surgery Futch, W. Stewart – MD Gastroenterology Frederick, L. Davis – MD Orthopedics Forrest, Terry – MD Ophthalmology Flynn, Joseph – DO Obstetrics/Gynecology Fidler, John – DDS Oral & Maxillofacial Eskra, Benjamin – MD Plastic Surgery Edwards, Vance – MD Radiology Dunmire, Robert – MD Nephrology Dugom, Muin – MD Clinical Lipidology Internal Medicine Drotts, Daniel – MD Emergency Medicine Draughon, Scott – MD Family Medicine Dove, Dalton – MD Critical Care Sleep Medicine Pulmonology Internal Medicine De Araujo, William – MD Orthopedics Danieli, Sembua – MD Hospitalist Cunningham, J. David – MD Otolaryngology Sleep Medicine Cuddapah, Deepak – MD Internal Medicine Crowgey, James – MD Anesthesiology Crowder, Sakeitha – MD Internal Medicine Geriatrics Cregan, Kevin – MD Radiology Cox, Lee – MD Urology Cooke, Richard – DDS Dentistry Cook, Marilue – MD Pediatrics Placeholder Person Cook, Brian – MD Radiation Oncology Clarke, Keith – MD Family Medicine Cipriani, Wendy – MD Family Medicine Chang, I-Wen – MD Oncology Cecil, Stephen – MD Anesthesiology Carmack, Kilauea – MD Family Medicine Boyd, Erika Schosser – MD Pediatrics Beasley, Charles – MD Otolaryngology Bean, Cory – MD Pediatrics Bauer, Gregory – MD Orthopedics Brubeck, Ellen – MD Family Medicine Brooks, C. Michael – MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Boyd, Jason – MD Oncology Amaefule, Celestine – MD Internal Medicine Bhatti, Muhammad – MD Family Medicine Attiah, Nadir – MD Psychiatry Atkins, James – MD Oncology Arnder, Lance – MD Radiology Adams, Meredith – DDS Dentistry Akhtar, Waheed – MD Cardiology Adams, Van – MD Internal Medicine Pediatrics

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