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Go Wayne Go Walking Series

Go Wayne Go Walking Series

Get moving and enjoy nature with GoWayneGo! We will be walking each week at various locations around Wayne County. Come join the fun!

This week we will be walking a route around downtown Goldsboro. Meet at the courthouse steps on Walnut Street.

GoWayneGo is a grass roots initiative created to increase awareness of the physical well-being of the residents of Wayne County & Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Daily Goals:
fruits & vegetables
3 balanced meals
2 hours of TV/electronics max
1 hour of exercise
0 sugary drinks expect on occasion

Get up and get moving! Make sure you visit the website often to log your weight loss success and to access the tools and support to keep you on track.

Come and join GoWayneGo during our seasonal walking series! We encourage Wayne County residents to enjoy the walks and explore the Wayne County area. For more information, visit the GoWayneGo website or Facebook page.