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Learn more about Wayne Memorial Hospital and other hospitals in Wayne County and throughout the state by reading the Hospital Community Benefits Report below and by looking through the Community Health Needs Assessment. To receive more information, call us at 9191.736.1110 or contact us online.

North Carolina Hospital Community Benefits Report
Hospital Name Wayne Memorial Hospital
Time Period FY 2013
Community Benefits
A. Estimated Costs of Treating Charity Care Patients* 13,518,066
B. Estimated Unreimbursed Costs of Treating Medicare Patients* 0
C. Includes an adjustment in this period’s Medicare revenues for extraordinary adjustments1 of: 0
D. Without this Medicare adjustment, Medicare Losses would have been (B + C): 0
E. Estimated Unreimbursed Costs of Treating Medicaid Patients* 8,438,494
F. Includes an adjustment in this period’s Medicaid revenues for extraordinary adjustments1 of: 0
G. Without this Medicaid adjustment, Medicaid Losses would have been (E + F): 8,438,494
H. Estimated Unreimbursed Costs of Treating Patients from Other Means-Tested Government Programs* 0
I. Includes an adjustment in this period’s Other Means-Tested Government Programs revenues for extraordinary adjustments1 of: 0
J. Without this adjustment, Other Means-Tested Gov. Programs Losses would have been (H + I): 0
K. Community Health Improvement Services & Community Benefit Operations 2,347,754
L. Health Professions Education 1,474,230
M. Subsidized Health Services2 0
N. Research Costs 80,504
O. Cash and In-kind Contributions to Community Groups 643,700
P. Community Building Activities3 498,569
Q. Total Community Benefits1 with Settlements and Extraordinary Adjustments (A + B + E + H + K + L + M + N + O + P) 27,001,317
R. Total Community Benefits1 without Settlements and Extraordinary Adjustments (A + D + G + J + K + L + M + N + O + P) 27,001,317
Bad Debt Costs
S. Estimated Costs of Treating Bad Debt Patients* 8,819,162
(1) Notes about prior period adjustments
(2) Notes about Subsidized Health Services
(3) Notes about Community Building Activities
Additional Information:
Grant monies received to support any community benefit activities. These amounts have not been netted from Total Community Benefits.
URL with additional information about this community benefits report
not available
Other Notes
* Footnotes:
The costing methodology or source used to determine payer costs is:
The ANDI methodology, which uses a facility-wide ratio of cost to charges as described in NCHA Community Benefits Guidelines. x
All costing methodologies do not double-count expenses reported in other community benefit items. For example, amounts reported in Subsidized Health Services do not also appear in Medicaid losses.
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