Advanced Surgical Care Close to Home

When you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a condition that requires surgery, the highly-skilled team of surgeons, nurses and professionals at Wayne UNC Health Care are here, providing a full range of advanced surgical and outpatient procedures.

The first phase of our new and expanded Surgery Center combines innovative surgical care with a patient- and family-centered floorplan designed with you in mind.  Offering 40,000-square-feet of newly-constructed space, the Surgery Center offers 10 operating rooms and 52 patient rooms.  Featuring the most current equipment and fixtures, our expansion allows us to offer some of the most advanced surgical tools in our area.

The Latest Technology

Large and spacious, our new operating rooms provide our expert team access to state-of-the-art image guidance.

All of our operating rooms feature Integrated Digital Surgical Suites (IDSS) with high-definition video routing and display solutions for surgical environments.  IDSS enhances visualization and collaboration across our surgical teams, enabling them to view high-definition surgical video on large displays within the OR and stream or conference it for consultation or teaching.

Patient- and Family-Friendly Design

The design of our new Surgery Center reflects patient input, as well as thoughtful direction from our experienced leaders, physicians and teammates on the enhanced experience we wanted to create for patients and families.

Centrally-located nursing stations give our nursing teams greater visibility to families and patients.  Meanwhile, our new patient rooms support the capability for our surgery team to adopt a Universal Room model that keeps patients in the same room before and after their surgical procedure.

Future Growth

Once completed, our Surgery Center will offer more than 100,000 square-feet of combined new construction and renovated space.  As demand for surgical services in Wayne County continues to grow, Wayne UNC will be positioned to bring even more advanced technologies and capabilities to our facility.

The expansion of our Surgery Center is one of the many ways Wayne UNC carries out our Mission of providing comprehensive, quality care to families in Wayne and surrounding counties.  Our Surgery center is a testament to our continued efforts to improve our facilities, equipment and services to better serve our community.